Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Facebook launched a tool that allows people who are blind see photos on its platform

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for people who are not able to use Facebook because of Inability to see or maybe you have loved ones who are visually impaired and so not able to use the medium as you do?

The social media giant has launched a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to allow people who are blind or visually impaired experience photos on Facebook. This announcement was made known by the CEO of Facebook incorporation Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday 5 April. According to him, the tool makes use of screen reader that turns text into spoken words and incorporating artificial intelligence into it, it can describe what is in a photo for someone using words. “This is a great use of AI technology and it’s an important step towards making sure everyone has equal access to information and it is included in the conversation” he said

        How does the tool works
From the video he shared along, if you are visually impaired or blind all you need to do is to turn on the sound of your device to experience it, the screen reader reads aloud what is on the screen making millions accessible to Facebook, the new Facebook technology can tell them what is exactly on a photo for example, assuming one who can’t see is holding a phone, he pronounced “Facebook”
Normally the screen reader is supposed to open the Facebook app, pronounced the words it sees from the top to the bottom excluding pictures.
Something like “Facebook”, “search” “what’s on your mind” Then it goes on to mention the post on your timeline, the name of your friends or organization that posted the information and then begins to read the post one by one for you. With this new technology, it can also explains the pictures just the way it is

Assuming we have a post like from the picture above, this is exactly what the tool will pronounce to the visually impaired person

“Peter Cartio
March 16 4.22pm
We finally made it
Photo: image may contain two people, smiling, sunglasses, sky, outdoor, water.  Aqua Agwarwana and 29 others reacted”

The tool pronounce the post the way it is from the name to the number of likes the photo has got, when it got to the photo, it also describes it just the way it is.
With this new technology Facebook can help millions who cannot see be able to access information; they can post selfies and comment or like a photo just like any other normal person out there because the tool will give them vivid user experience. Facebook is working very hard to fulfill its mandate which is to connect different race, age, gender, languages etc. around the world. This goes for every people of which visually impaired people are not exempted. The number of active users of Facebook goes over 1.6 billion users on a monthly bases surpassing that of WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram and with this new technology millions more will be able to access the platform and users are bound to increase
Facebook has been found to be very important to its users and has continued to reign in popularity over other social media channels


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  2. Yes oo.. And he keeps on improving everyday to serve the world at his possible best. Thumbs up to him on this one

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