Tuesday, 29 March 2016


The Nigeria music duo whose splits story went viral on different social media platform was seen happily performing their popular hit song Alingo at the Pal Mundo world festival.
The event took place on March 26, 2016 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Earlier before the Pal Mundo world festival, the both artist had decided to split with peter announcing his new management and a new stage name as MrP , Paul also went solo releasing a hit song ‘call heaven’ that attracted the attention of fans and well-meaning friends who began questioning the cause of their controversy

Peter had a given a detailed cause of their split when each of them went solo going with their creative pursuits instead of adopting the standards of their age long union. Something had to scratch their heads, they had pondered at their behaviours and the insults they were bashing out at themselves on different social media platforms and granted interviews for a moment and saw the incremental loss they were gathering for themselves which was barely perceptible. It took them some amount of time before they were able to regain momentum and to carve out space to ever sing together again.
The performance at Pal Mundo wouldn’t have been achieved if they hadn’t come together to conquer their servitude to foolishness and stupidity. Their pride would have led to their disappearance into oblivion.

This two had both struggled to balance a soul-driven intense with obligations which if they ignore on the grounds of their self-acclaimed annoyance and pride, they were bound to go down for sure and their enemies would applaud them for it.

What then is good about their split or does it mean we take delight in anarchy? For us here at gist Nigerians  no, but at the same time majority of their fans and enemies may enjoy taking swipes at their foibles and can take such delight in using considerable intelligence and energy to pull them down.  

So we think the quarrel and split was a force for tremendous good in their musical career as their fame and demand has skyrocketed few weeks after their reunion. It has also strengthened and renewed decades-old brothership or twinship, launching new ones and offering them the benefit of unity or working with one stage name Psquare.
Psquare after performance at Pal Mundo world Festival

So we think the short misunderstanding was very necessary in their career as their current happiness and love suggest to us the decision to split was a good one and that when they finally come back to their senses-which of course they have, they should try to manage their career relationship more carefully. It has also forcefully thought them that family comes first. Peter said in one of his post on twitter and instagram “That it took our stupidity to realize that family comes first, we are very sorry” he later also announced that they are now working together.
Psquare with fans in Rotterdam

This performance at Pal Mundo has cleared many doubts of their coming back as one and we pray and hope this new relationship is for a lifetime because there is no dignity in controversy.