Thursday, 17 March 2016

Amber Rose shows revealing boobs in new Instagram photos

Amber Rose
Amber Rose showed her Boob in this new photo with the caption #FreetheNipple. This is probably an antagonism against Instagram nudity policy which is really affecting most celebrities who may want to show their nipples on their dangling breast for variety of reasons best known to them. Please do not open if you are not 18
Amber Rose
Instagram had turned deaf ears to the previous campaigns led by Miley Cyrus and scout willis but certified slut and feminist like Amber ain't giving up on this one. Off-course most of this celebrities earn their living; grow their audience from this nude photos they post most times.
Although Instagram has updated its nudity rules and relaxed it a little bit, it has impishly not sympathetic with the #FreetheNipple campaign and had often times given reasons why they don't allow nudity on its social app

Nude post are allowed only if they are works of art in paintings and sculptors and do not violate instagram policy, doing a post that shows your nipples as a female is a ‘No No’ for them its surely going to be taken down if they deem it unsuitable for public view. According to them “photos, videos and some digitally created content that shows genitals, sexual intercourse and close up of fully nude buttocks” are not allowed
Additionally, kids are not exempted in this rule, doing posts that shows your kid nude or partially nude also violates their policy but photos of women actively breastfeeding are allowed
The question some detractors are asking is why the male nipples treated differently, why they aren’t taken down just like the females’

CEO of Instagram Kevin Systrom, had earlier said their rules on nudity ensure the site is suitable for both teens and adults. These rules according to him applies to both celebrities and non-celebrities so that everyone can use the site

Despite various reasons given by the social App owners celebrities are not giving up on this one rule as they continue to campaign against the rule and posting with  half nude photos that barely covers their nipples, wishing and hoping for a day the ban on nudity will be lifted

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