Friday, 19 February 2016

These 5 things will sure stop you from succeeding in life

Ever wondered why you are still were you are not supposed to be in life, ever wondered why you haven’t achieved that gigantic goal of yours? There are certain indices hindering you unconsciously and subconsciously.

I call these hindrances strong obstacle to success. In my country Nigeria, when a brother has tried all he could to succeed and the success is not forth coming he may sometimes link his failures to one Ogbanje or evil spirit from his village fighting against him lol. Nevertheless there is no ogbanje or evil spirit stopping you from succeeding but these obstacles. So we are going to look at them and then find possible ways of relinquishing them so we can soar like every other person out there

  OK let’s go
5. Fear of success- People can be very funny at times, you see someone craving for success and viam, a little opportunity comes for him to explore and he is afraid to get hits with few arrows. You see him already calculating the amount of insults and shame he will get when he fails. It’s impishly surprising! How do you overcome this fear of success because if you don’t overcome it, it will surely overcome you? I just have an advice for you and that is “To succeed in life, you don’t need money, capital or asset. The primary thing you need is a million dollar worth of determination”. When determination to succeed is what your primary mindset holds, every other thing like money, capital or asset comes naturally. Try it and see, it works like magic

4. Self-Doubt- this is defined as the absence of confidence in oneself and abilities, it can lead to mental paralysis and retardation, the more reason you need to stop it right now. I know why most of us doubts ourselves most times. You don’t want to take the risk of criticism or failure, you don’t feel it’s your best yet and if you start now you might fail. Hmm, give me one more reason why you should doubt yourself and I will give you a thousand reason you shouldn’t. I bet the only reason you haven’t executed that idea you have been nursing for a while now is because you are doubting yourself. You want to write a song and sing, start a fast food business, write just like am doing right now etc. I bet you can't do any of these if you are doubting yourself. Another key point to eliminating self-doubts is to have faith in your abilities no matter how poor you think they are.

3. Negative self-talks – Some people are very fund of talking themselves to failures. I can remember vividly back in my primary school days, Some group of my class mates that were always fund of saying math is difficult every time never found Math easy throughout our  school days. Our subconscious mind has a way of storing any negative words we speak, then remind us unconsciously anytime we want to do that particular thing. In the case of those my classmates, I guess what the mind will be whispering to them anytime they pick up a Math textbook will be “Remember , you said you don’t know Math “ and unconsciously, they will drop the book and go do something else. Some of us our own might not be Math, it maybe you don’t believe you can be loved or live happily. Voicing it out or telling it to someone else in your discussions can annihilate your chances so you have to stop it.
How do you overcome this negative self-talks? It’s simple, eliminate some certain words from your vocab. Words like “I can’t” should be changed to “I can” others words like “I will never Know it, I don’t know it, I won’t, it can't happen “etc.  Should be stopped or eliminated entirely from your psych

2. People pleasing- do you find it difficult to say No to people, do you fantasize about an influential someone taking control of your life and making it work, You avoid getting angry because you don’t want to offend someone, you always agree to someone else opinion and discard yours? The list goes on and on. If you find yourself with any of those traits then you are a people pleaser for sure and this can hinder your success also
Most people think that by trying to please people is a boomerang, they try to make everyone else happy, dodging their displeasure at their own expense at the end of it all instead of attracting these people to their own life to get back what they have sowed at their own coin they end up used up, resentful, depleted and empty.
How do you solve the problem of people pleasing??
Figure out yourself first when trying to help someone.
Know that before you can offer anything to someone else freely, you have got to give it to yourself first.
Also set limits to how much you can please anyone. By doing this it will create room and time for yourself
you have got to stop people pleasing because people have a particular habit of taking and taking and keep taking from you. At the end of it all, you will only be left exploited with no appreciation of what you have given out

1. Procrastination- I will define procrastination as a habit, a deeply established pattern of behaviour that always create reasons in our head. These reasons supply us with enough logical evidence that we can delay the task at hand – sometimes indefinitely.
Procrastinators be like
Let me take a nap now, I will solve that Math later or
Let me  watch T.V now; I will feel relaxed and have more strength to do the cooking later or
Am supposed to write articles for my blog but let me browse my Facebook and twitter pages for a while  hmm.
And so on and so forth
Procrastination is so bad that it can
- stop one from fulfilling his potential
- disrupts one’s career
- Stops one from accomplishing his dreams and career goals
- Threaten your well-being if the task involved is health related
- Give u a bad reputation among your coworkers and friends
You need to stop procrastinating right now, I know the question popping out of your mind now is how? Hmm ok!
Just follow these few steps and you will be on your way to stopping this monster unwittingly
Focus on one task at a time- instead of clogging yourself with so many tasks that can get you bored over them, I suggest you take them one after the other
Set yourself time bound goals- in this way you will have no time for procrastination
Become a master of Scheduling so that you will know when to start the all-important project

That’s it people. Thanks for reading. To be continued…

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