Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The best ways to celebrate Valentine

Yes today am giving tips on the best ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day
St Valentine is the reason for this special day. According to records, He was a Roman priest who was imprisoned and later martyred in AD 496 for providing help and assistance to
persecuted Christians at that time. He was also accused of performing secret wedding to soldiers forbidden to marry in the Roman Empire. In other to remind these men of their vows and love for God, St Valentine is said to have cut and shape hearts from parchments giving it to these men, a possible origin and reason of the wide spread use if hearts on Valentine day. When he died, February 14 was mapped out for his remembrance and a day to extend love towards one another
Nowadays, Valentine has evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other. They do this by presenting flowers, sending greetings cards and gifts, dating and making love. Hmmm
But is Valentine all about sharing gifts to your partner in love? What other ways can Valentine be best celebrated? All these answers we will find out shortly
On this special day, some couples go on a shopping spree spending all what they have on their partner. To some it’s time to settle old quarrels and reunite with lost partner. These are very healthy, after all what is life without Love.
So what other ways apart from the aforementioned can Valentine be enjoyed. Let’s see this top five ways.

1. Give the gift of time – going on a shopping spree is very good but sometimes your partner might not appreciate this gift very much than the quality time spent with them. If you are the type of parent That is always going to work by 6am and coming back by 9pm on a daily bases. Am sure your children and partner will prefer your presence with them on this special day than gifts of Cards and flowers.

2. Make yourself happy- most people go about pleasing others without finding time to be happy with themselves. Common, the primary purpose of life is Joy. Why do I say so? Because you buy those gifts for others so you can have this inner joy that you did something for someone. The sum total of all your activities here on earth is for you to find joy. It’s time to forgive yourself of your past mistakes. If you are the type that has no date just like me (wink!) common, get up, dress up and take yourself out and stop getting jealous over others date. Who knows you might find yours out there, try and make yourself happy as well, smile and laugh more no one is in charge of your happiness except you, what other people think of you should be none of your business.

3. Gift of self- February 14 is a day to show selfless service to humanity. There are literally thousands of organization that needs your support at Valentine day. Instead of only you and your lover’s day out, make it a date with that homeless man living on your street, buy some gifts for those motherless babies they need your love and support as well. IDP camps are everywhere in Nigeria and Africa, if you have that much, it’s time to donate your resources to these people.

4. Gift of your creativity – Being creative can actually bring out the fun in Valentine, you can decide to draw the image of someone and present to them or carve out those cards yourself. Even if you are not a good artist you can decide to bake some cookies, make some orange or pineapple juice, simple crafts and sewing project. You don’t need to be professional in your creativity just make sure whatever you are doing will be presentable and appreciated.
5. Volunteering – volunteering on a Valentine is becoming something of a tradition. You can decide to volunteer at a local charity organization in your town or hospital care programs. Other options include soup kitchens, gift programs to poor kids, special dinners, rural dwellers outreach etc. You may never know how much your service means to these people when you volunteer your time to help out especially on a day like Valentine.
I hope these tips of mine have given you some fantastic and wonderful inspiration to enjoy your February 14. If you have more fabulous ways to enjoy your valentine apart from these. Please do drop your comments below

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