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How to stop your husband from Nagging you all the time

Am going to show you the secret to stop your husband from giving you headache every time he is around you or comes back from works. Plus how he will love you like ever before, gives you all the attention you ever needed and buy you gifts every week

Once you apply this trick on him, he will breakdown and have no effrontery to confront you anymore and the results is, you can turn him to your pet and ATM machine. Yes it's possible just read on

you know nagging it’s a thing of wife's but when it turns the opposite it can be very dangerous and harmful to the wife. Nagging husbands can be very annoying sometimes. They give you headache and makes you feel you should just quit the relationship so you can have your peace but not so quickly. Wait while I show you that secret. It’s just a simple trick to play on him. You will find out as we progress on this article

OK let’s go
Am going to tell you a story and from the story I will bring out my point

There was a woman, a very beautiful woman she was married to a wealthy man in a Yoruba land. Ekiti state of Nigeria to be precise. This woman has all what she needed in her marriage save for peace in her home. It’s just trouble and nagging every time from her husband, little inconsequential things the man react to it. If peace was present in the marriage I would have described it as the most perfect marriage.  But it was not so with her. Every time her husband comes backs from work they will start quarreling from the evening till the morning that the husband will angrily leave the house for work. It was so bad that most times the husband calls from work to nag and continued to nag this beautiful woman.

Years passed by and this beautiful woman was getting uglier day by day because of troubles, nagging and restlessness from her husband. One day her friends came to visit her and she told them the whole story of the ridicules and troubles her husband was giving her since she got married to him and how she had been enduring it. Her friends shouted at her with no remorse. Then different ideas began to role in. One suggested divorce, another suggested she stops cooking and washing his clothes, others suggested she should just run and leave the house. But where would she run to she thought. Her husband provides everything for her save his nagging and complaints all the time.
She gave it a thought and decided to follow one of the ideas of her friends. She decided she will not cook for the man or wash his clothes for two weeks

When the day finally came, she didn’t prepare any food for the husband that day. She just tied her wrapper preparing for when the husband will return. (You know how yoruba women behave nah when they wants to look for fight lol) Suddenly the husband landed and requested for his food as usual. Instead of madam beautiful to give him food she started complaining bitterly of what the husband has been doing to her and that if he didn’t stop that it will continues for two week. The man laughed so loud and said to the woman “that’s fine with me at least my belly will now rest for that poison you have been cooking for me as food”. He laughed loud and loud again.

Madam beautiful (that’s what I will call her here so you don’t start pointing fingers to anybody you know lol) became more annoyed and pissed off. The advice were supposed to bring relieve but instead its caused more troubles for her
She fasted and prayed  for one week for this man to change. This man was so hardened and adamant to change. She had tried all the options her friends gave her and none worked for her.
One day her mother came around and said she will take her to see one very strong Babalawo in town (Babalawo here means native doctor, a person that can divine spirits and have access to the transcendental world)

After much thought and mind wrestle, she decided she will pay the Babalawo a visit if that’s the only option available that will save her marriage and give her peace of mind
To cut the whole story short. Madam beautiful went to see the Babalawo. When she went there, she laid all her complaints and troubles to Baba. Baba understood as the whole situation. He decided he will help her out. The news of the solution gave her joy.. (Sips my malt a little and clears my throat)
So Baba went inside his hut and brought out one small whitish stone like that and gave it to her. He told her the instructions on how she will use it that will work for her

1. Make sure you cook very good food for your husband
2. When he comes back only what you will do is to say welcome my husband
3. Quietly go inside and bring his food and keep on the table
4. After this put the little white stone in your mouth and don’t say anything else
Baba warned her seriously that it is very dangerous to talk while the stone was in her mouth and that if she talks.. The charm will not work.

She thanked Baba very much and left.
Madam beautiful went and did that exact same thing Baba told her to do. When the husband came back she quietly greeted him, served him her best prepared food and then went inside and put the stone in her mouth
Husband: what kind of food is this.  Are you stupid not to know that there is no salt in this soup?
Wife: (Looks at the husband and then bends down her head)
Husband: Are you stupid won’t you go inside and bring me salt
Wife: (walks quietly into the kitchen and gets him salt making sure she spill nothing out of her lips although the insults were very annoying)
Husband: stupid wife, very soon I will go and get another wife and push you out of this house.  Stupid goat
Wife: (keeps mute).
This continue on and on for two weeks and the man could not understand what was going on with his wife's sudden attitude, he became confused. Sometimes he became scared to even talk to her because she won't respond. Because of this, his attitude began to change, he began to see reasons to love and live with Madam beautiful. After the two weeks he began to buy her gifts and presents just to please her. This he has not done for years (it seems this charm is really working o) and Madam beautiful will just node her head in appreciation for the gifts while laughing inside her mind. The man became very confused again and started wondering the kind of change that has happened to his dear wife. Their home became peaceful as heaven. The man will come back and wont nag her as usual everything went to normalcy within one month.

Madam beautiful was so happy that she bought many gifts and presents to go and give to Baba and to appreciate him for the charm that saved her marriage.
When Madam beautiful met Baba, She narrated her ordeal how she had obeyed the instructions and how the charm worked for her. Baba was very happy about that, he collected the gifts and kept in his house first and then laughed profusely. Madam beautiful did not know why he was laughing like that until Baba asked her to bring the charm he gave her.
Madam Beautiful quietly untied the white stone from her wrapper and gave it to Baba. Baba laughed again and gave her back the stone. This time he told her to examine it very well. This she did
Baba now said "my daughter see this is just a stone I picked at the back of my hut. I never gave you any charm, I only use it to control your mouth."
You see my daughter continued Baba, the two things to a man’s heart is Food and attention. You knew how to cook very much but you weren’t listening to him. You should learn to listen to your husband. A wife that listen to her husband irrespective of her social status and educational qualifications keeps her home forever.

That is the end of the story, I hope you enjoyed it.  This method works for most men, in case your husband’s own its different drop your comments and let’s find a solution to it.

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