Friday, 1 January 2016

Top ten ways to make money quickly in Nigeria

According to the recent disclosure by the Secretary-General of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the much-awaited rebound of oil price from its current low level may take like two more years to materialize. This has unexpectedly elicited diverse reactions from many people

Some people have expressed fears that this will worsen the bad economic situation in Nigeria. Virtually now everything in the country is at standstill, many state governors cannot pay their workers’ salaries, no developmental projects are being carried out in most states and even at the federal level, contractors are being owed, many companies are downsizing all because of the dwindling oil revenue. Experts maintained that if the situation continues till 2017, there will be disaster in the land.

It’s difficult to find a well-paid job out there. The only thing that can thrive now in Nigeria is when you are running your own business or investing in a business
 If you haven’t been making money and you are a Nigerian. Don’t blame witches and wizard for this. If you have been thinking of how to make money and increasing your spending volume here are top ten tips that would help you quickly

Note: These top ten tips are my own findings don’t be limited by it because there are more than a thousand and one ways one can make legitimate money in Nigeria

10.  look for problems Technology can solve
Nigeria is not a very developed country so there are pretty several challenges and problems out there that can be solved with creative use of technology. In the past decade, technology has provided the youngest group of billionaires in the world many of them in their twenties

If you have a keen eye for spotting problems and challenges you can create valuable solutions to these challenges. You don’t need to have the hard core programming skills to deliver a tech startup. You can either come up with ideas and team up with more talented developer or if you can, hire a couple of developers

9. Eateries and restaurant business
If you can operate a food and drink center in Nigeria, that can be a good money maker for you because like the say Nigerians love food and will always eat. Even when the economy is bad, a restaurant is a good business that is always profitable so long as it is located in a populated area. In cities like lagos there are many restaurants springing up almost every year and the numbers have not actually gone down

8.  Cake making and Wedding planning business
This business basically involves planning for people wedding while they themselves would just show up on their D-day. Wedding planners are basically meant to take off the work load of planning a wedding off the shoulders of the intending couples and as a wedding planner you need to have an office or at least have you phone number and your contact publicly listed so that people can reach you. You may also be required to Bake the cake, hire a hall for reception, and provide the food caterers. If you don’t know how to bake a cake, no problem at all, hire someone to do that for you. But it will benefit and save you cost if you learn the art of caking making

7. Real Estate Investment
This is another area which promises quick money, you can either buy Lands and resell at a higher price since land appreciate with time or better still build houses for renting or selling out. The sure thing here is that you will only end up getting richer because erected houses hardly ever loses value except it gets up to 50 years or more depending on how good the structure is.

6. Start a mini-importation Business
There are lots of free e-books on how to import cheap goods from countries like china, Vietnam, Australia and so on and sell on the Nigerian market. Before starting this one I advise you to select products that are a result of market survey so that your sales can be very high

5. Start a lounge or Relaxation center
Owning a relaxation center in highbrow cities like Lagos and Abuja can really be a good income generator as people, especially working class peeps in these cities look out for lounges to relax either after days’ work or during the weekend. Its bring more income if it’s doubled as a football viewing center

4. Start a Travel/Tourism agency
Everyone travels every day. Starting a travel/tourism agency would definitely bring some income to an entrepreneur who can take time to vast him or herself in the travel business sector. It is very important to create a website, rent an office and hire at least two people if you really wanna go into this business

3. Start a Bookmarking Business
What I mean by bookmaking its sport betting business. Ignore what any one may want to tell you about moral justification of bookmakers. Bookmarking and sport betting business is one of the most lucrative Businesses in Nigeria. It is also one of the Businesses that require a high capital to set up. If you have the cash, you should look into sports bookmarking

2. Start a school
This is one sure way to make money in Nigeria. You don’t even need to have millions to start a school. It might surprise you that what you might just need is a mini-flat and as time goes on the business grows and expand on its own. If u give you pupils quality knowledge they will even help you to advertise your school for you. But you may need to meet the basic requirements of the educational regulatory board

1. Start a transport Business
If you know how transport business works in Nigeria, starting a transportation business in Nigeria is a sure way to make quick money if you have enough cash to start up. Also you also need to reach an agreement with drivers and terminal managers. Transportation Business is really lucrative in Nigeria


  1. How I wish GMB can lend me money ifor start this business oooh to make my cool cash

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