Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Secret of How to lose weight fast plus Iniedo tricks

38 year old Nollywood actress Ini Edo shared her weight loss photos and stunning new look. The ace actress stuns in yellow shades with fine yellow handbag to match and smiling at fans over her new body

Iniedo's new look after weight loss

Ini found out that when she questions the assumption behind her weight and followed the what-if trail to its conclusion she could find clarity. In that vain she dispensed with the questions what-if? And follow it to its conclusion and realized how true it is
There are many things you may want to take seriously than concentrating on your weight all the time, things like hanging out with your friends, your career, Traveling, photo update on social media, trying to get pregnant etc. These are all indispensable to you but despite your best efforts to shut that thought popping out of your mind that you are not fat, most times you try to tell yourself the truth and then all those terrifying thoughts of your weight drives you into a place of contemplation and sadness. Not to worry, it’s the bane of our existence and the great quandary causing us to find solutions to our weight problems. It all happened to that "role model " you admired so much today, their story is pleasant and not just what they tell you, to some it demands all what they had including time, money, discipline, pleasure before they could come out boldly to testify.

Let’s take a look at Ini's method from her own post on Instagram "What I did? I hit the gym, reduced my carb to the barest minimum, lots of green tea, lemon and detox. It’s extreme discipline. I had Thai noodles today and seafood wooooh I enjoyed it. Hmmm yea too much carbs but it is what is"
Ini's method not so difficult though, it’s what everyone can do. Hit the gym, reduce your carbohydrates to the barest minimum, gets lots of green tea, lemon and detox, eat Thai Noodles and seafood and you will be on your way looking like the new Ini Edo in no short time
Ini method might not work for you, suggest you figure out the method that both suits your body types and career and so we came up with these few tips below. Meanwhile these tips are not objective more than the ones prescribed by experts in the field but we do hope it’s going to help when applied judiciously  

1. Drink plenty of water especially before meals- it has been proven that drinking water can help with weight loss which is very true, drinking water can boost your metabolism by 23-31% over a period of 1-2 hours a day thereby helping you burn more calories

2. Set goals (deadlines) for yourself - proper goal setting (deadlines) is very powerful and can give you immense results; you may decide to set a 30 days period or 90 days as deadline to shed some particular pounds as the case may be. These aspect require your discipline a lot to keep up with your routines as you will be struggling to meet up with your goal and your daily obligations you cannot bear to disregard 

3. You need to burn more calories than you take in, in other words eat less and move more. These include hitting the gym just like Ini Edo, going to work with public transport, early and evening workouts. The trick is not suggesting you starve yourself to shed off some pounds but simply suggesting you cut down your diet and exercise your body more

4. Change your diet - The major reason why it seems difficult getting off those fats is because we usually stick to our favourite foods or diet. If you have been trying so hard without results, you may consider changing your diet and favourite foods. Such foods like ice cream and chocolate contains high amount of fats and calories and mostly meant for children and not suitable for adults and teenagers trying to shed off some pounds. Most of us our favourite might not be ice cream or chocolate but we might have this particular food that contains lots and lots of fats that we can't do without. consider changing it.

5. Stop weighing yourself. Checking your weight too often on a scale can backfire especially when you are conscious of the amount of pounds you still need to shed off, you can get discouraged and may even stop trying altogether. Just focus on your routines and healthy habits, you can use your clothes or selfies on weekly bases as a guide if you ever need one and then the weight loss will follow

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