Monday, 18 January 2016

Davido's shock at crowed gathered at his shows- Reports to late mum

Nigeria Popular artist Davido who also calls himself Omo Baba Olowo (meaning the Millionaire son) took to twitter to express his amazement at the crowed gathered at his show recently wishing his mum was alive to witness it. Read the what his tweeted below

"Never thought I would have a crowed like this at my shows, Mama I made it! Wish you were here" is a tribute to his mum Veronica Adeleke who passed away after a brief illness in 2003.
Veronica Adeleke was the loving mother of Davido before she passed away in 2003. She was also was a lecturer at Babcock University. Gist Nigerians gathered that Davido abandoned his studies abroad, came back to Nigeria to pursue his musical career at the counsel of his mum Veronica. Yes his mum according to what we learnt was his greatest inspiration in his musical career so whatever he achieves today is a product of the dreams and visions Mrs Veronica had intended for him. The reason the ace artist always mentions his mum in most of his tweets
In July 2015, Davido's alleged first class results in the department of music at Babcock University got many thinking with some saying he might have paid his way through the university because they know him too well as one who do not have time for his studies because of his busy schedules junketing from one show to another in different countries, this raised questions of the possibility of the first class grade, the  smart dude realised this and quickly  debunked it saying it was second class when replying to one of the tweets caring the rumors about.  But does first class or whatever he graduates with has anything to do with his musical career judging with the fame and money he has made today? People sef with their rumors and gossips here and there. This dude has gone haywire and viral and at the top of his career and also a lucky dude, he has great talent for music, a graduate and a stinky rich father who is ready to sponsor him in whatever career he chooses himself unlike his partners in the industry like Wizkid who struggled their way out of the ghetto to affluence today.
This two young Nigeria artists (i.e Davido and wizid) are all on the fame front today with a similar thing in common and that is their creativity in the Nigerian music industry, their unique style and pattern have both sky rocketed Nigerian music and pitched its uniqueness in the  hearts of many around the world. Today their creative side has found bearing and bringing to them huge fame and money and instead of them to come together and do a collabo what you see most times is insults and jealousy from both parties. This is not healthy for upcoming Nigerian artist and the industry as a whole but who knows maybe they have plans of coming together in future to break that assumption. However whatever the case maybe, whether because of money, time, and obligations to others or their personal egocentrism these two guys need to come together and do a song for the listening pleasure of their fans. We are very sure wizkid and Davido wished for that moment but pride may be the hindrance here. Wizkid also would be amazed too at his crowed judging from how he struggled his way from obscurity into limelight

Back to the gist, the large crowd gathered at Davido’s shows today is not a days or weeks efforts, it took him time doing the right thing continually coupled with talent, hard work  and determination with his mum by his side always encouraging him before she passed away

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