Monday, 4 January 2016

Iniedo Loses weight drastically (PHOTOS)

We all know this popular Nollywood actress Iniedo, She used  to be very plumping and a little bit overweight than this. However she is currently doing everything possible to cut off some fat from her overweight body. She isn't joking with her weight lose exercises though.. She took to Instagram today to show her success so far.. And really, she  has lose so much.
Nigerians are kinda surprised at this drastic weight loss, while some are wishing Iniedo goes back to her former shape, some are already asking for her methods to apply on their own.. Hmm
I hope Ini would respond to this questions soon.
My advice to you, is that we can learn from Ini, its not just that you were born that way. You can always control how you want people to see you.
Enough of procrastination and wishing you were like ini right now, get up and hit the gym


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  2. Na waoooh. Can this be through or Merly jus a photoshop of ha... abeg google please try an give us real news oooh