Saturday, 23 January 2016

Ben Murray Bruce set to release a book- A common sense Revolution

59 year old Ben Murray Bruce who is a member of the Nigeria Senate representing Bayelsa east is set to Release a book titled “A common sense Revolution."

The information gistnigerians gathered is that top Nigeria past and present politicians and business men will be present at the launching of the book. One of which is our former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo
The silver bird group owner is known for using his common sense tweets to criticize the APC led administration of President Muhammadu Buhari while also trying to integrate the nation by tweeting or posting major problems leading to the disintegration of the nation, bridging the gap between APC and PDP. Many of which Fans had criticized him for. Saying such objections would have been helpful and necessary during the sixteen years of PDP rule. But Ben Murray Bruce is not cashing in rather he is casting into deeper waters to air his opinions on his common sense, every now and then he tweets a post tagged #common sense
Someone was bold enough to ask him why he tweets a lot and Mr Common sense gave a shocking answer saying " Ben Murray Bruce tweets a lot because anytime he raises his hand up to speak in the Senate they don't call him"
Waooh thank God for social media that gave everyone the freedom of expression. If not how would people like Ben Murray Bruce be able to express their opinions in a Senate like Nigeria where opinions are only heard from those that has political affiliation with the majority group.
Ben Murray Bruce has tweeted about making the Nigeria Budget better, to many pressing issues on hate and blame game of the APC led government and more pressing issues of the nations
See an example of his tweets below
"What president @mBuhari's budget fails to address is how to diversify Nigeria away from her oil addiction #makingTheBudgetBetter"
In another he told President Buhari not to see him as enemy for asking questions that he just wants to make the Budget better

Some days ago, Ben Murray Bruce gave out series of common sense tweets advising the Federal Government of Nigeria to diversify her economy and stop the reliance on oil
"Time has come for Nigeria to turn our energy from fuel subsidy to more pressing issues such as high youth unemployment"
"When oil was $60 petrol was #87 now that it is less than $30 the price is #86.50. The math is wrong"
Ben Murray-Bruce is said to have looked critically into the nation’s major problems from independence till date, problems in politics and policies, unity and diversity, economic, social, educational, foreign exchange before using his considerable energy and intelligence to proffer solution. And the book is said to contain many policies that can raise Nigeria from its current economic meltdown into limelight. Fans are already asking for a copy of the book. Some are also saying they will also criticize the book as usual when it’s finally released. It set to be launched on February 19, 2016 to mark his 60th birthday

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